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I am a wife to the most amazing husband (Eric) and a mother to 2 wonderful kids (Jessica and Evan). My family is my world. I have recently put my career as a medical assistant on hold to be a stay-at-home mom/wife. We want to raise kids with manners and still have a strong family, so I am always trying ideas to help make things easier on me (cleaning tips, organization, meal planning, crafts, etc.) I thought I would share them with everyone out there. So, please comment with your ideas, or if you have tried one posted on here (Did you like it?) I am always open to suggestions. I am also looking for money savers. It's my new passion now that there is only 1 income.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recycled Scrap Paper Box

I love taking things that I would normall throw away and make something neat out of it.

This was super easy to make and looks adorable on my desk. Also, where I normally have scrap paper laying around all over, I now have a place for it all.

Take an empty box the size you want your holder to be. (I took an empty sweetener box.)
Cut the box to the height you want.

Cover the box with whatever design you like. (I have been dying to use this pink paper.) I then sealed the box to keep it looking nice in the future. Let dry, and your box is complete!

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