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I am a wife to the most amazing husband (Eric) and a mother to 2 wonderful kids (Jessica and Evan). My family is my world. I have recently put my career as a medical assistant on hold to be a stay-at-home mom/wife. We want to raise kids with manners and still have a strong family, so I am always trying ideas to help make things easier on me (cleaning tips, organization, meal planning, crafts, etc.) I thought I would share them with everyone out there. So, please comment with your ideas, or if you have tried one posted on here (Did you like it?) I am always open to suggestions. I am also looking for money savers. It's my new passion now that there is only 1 income.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Freezer Meals

So, for my very 1st post, I thought I'd share one of my absolute favorite time-savers...FREEZER MEALS! Why have I not found this sooner?! I got the idea from Pinterest, but after spending some time on Google, I was blown away at all the recipes available. AND...you can even do this with some of your own favorites! It does take some time (about 2 hours) to assemble (I did 4 meals) but it's completely worth it when you know you have a hectic day, or you hate cooking after a long day at work. The link to the recipes will be at the end of this post.

Here is what my counter looked like after a trip to the grocery store...

All bags are 2-4 servings, so you will want to adjust ingredients to increase or decrease serving sizes.

    Before you add any ingredients to your bag, you will want to label them with the current date, the meal name, and instructions for the day you make it. (If one of the meals need broth, water, sauce, etc added you will want to make a note of that.)

    Dump everything into a one gallon freezer bag, seal it, shake it, and put in the freezer.

    The night before take the bag out of the freezer to thaw so you can easily dump it into the crock pot or if baking/cooking it a different way, it's ready.

What you’ll need:
    Gallon freezer bags
    Permanent marker
    Food chopper and cutting board
    Ingredients for meals
(I used http://mamaandbabylove.com and http://melissafallistestkitchen.blogspot.com for my recipes but again, I am quickly learning that you can make-ahead any meal.)
Click Here to get the recipes I have tried.

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