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I am a wife to the most amazing husband (Eric) and a mother to 2 wonderful kids (Jessica and Evan). My family is my world. I have recently put my career as a medical assistant on hold to be a stay-at-home mom/wife. We want to raise kids with manners and still have a strong family, so I am always trying ideas to help make things easier on me (cleaning tips, organization, meal planning, crafts, etc.) I thought I would share them with everyone out there. So, please comment with your ideas, or if you have tried one posted on here (Did you like it?) I am always open to suggestions. I am also looking for money savers. It's my new passion now that there is only 1 income.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mission... Weight-loss, Week 1

So let me just get it all out there... I'm considered obese. YUCK. Just the word sends my stomach into a knot. Ugh! Well, they knowing is 1/2 the battle, right? I wish it was that simple.
Here is my mission...to lose 1.5-2 pounds a week. It's a safe goal so I'm sticking with it. This 1st week has been a tough one, let me tell ya.

Yep, this is what it's like right now.
How am I going to obtain this goal you ask? First, I am tracking everything I eat on www.myfitnesspal.com. (No, they are not paying me to advertise for them) I have tried a couple of different websites and this one seems to be the best for me. Knowing what I am putting in my belly is the 1st step in losing the fat (I'm no expert, that's just my common sense theory).

I'm not saying I will wear these, but I'd like the option to if I want to.
Then, I am going to keep a journal of this mission because when I look fabulous and feel like slipping up, I can look back at how hard I worked to get to the fabulous part. I think (well obviously since it's my blog) that this will be my way of keeping the weight off forever. I guess we shall find out at a later date....

And finally, I have started exercising. The picture above basically sums up my feelings about exercising. However, I do like the alone time. Putting the monsters for a nap and listening to my music while watching my fat cry (that's what I tell myself sweat is) has turned out to be more pleasing than I thought.

So follow along and watch my journey. This chubby chick will be hot and fabulous soon!!!!