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Monday, March 19, 2012

Denim Bracelet

It happened...my fave of all fave jeans are no longer wearable. I wore them to the point of inappropriate holes...
We all know that I am addicted to crafting. And I have been dying for a denim bracelet. I searched the internet for some cool designs to try to recreate and came up with nothing. Then I remembered making friendship bracelets as a kid. I figured I would try that same technique with thicker strands of denim. What the hell, I am throwing the jeans away anyways.

Ok, so first I cut strips of denim the length of the leg part. (Yes, the entire length).
Then, I stitched the 4 strips together at one end.
Starting with the stitched end, I started knotting the pieces.

Take the 1st and 2nd pieces and make sort of a #4 with them

Tuck piece 1 under piece 2 and pull the knot all the way up.

Continuing with piece 1, move down the bracelet knotting the same way with piece
1 & 3 and piece 1 & 4

Start back at the begining of the bracelet and continue until it is long enough for your wrist.

Stitch a few stitches at the end to keep loose ends neat and together.

Cut off any dangling pieces after the stitching.

Then stitch the begining part to the end to form a circle.

Because the stitching looks all ugly, I took a piece of scrap and wrapped it around the stitching.

I put 2 stitches in an X to keep the wrapped piece in place.
And it's all done!!!!

Your new bracelet!

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