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I am a wife to the most amazing husband (Eric) and a mother to 2 wonderful kids (Jessica and Evan). My family is my world. I have recently put my career as a medical assistant on hold to be a stay-at-home mom/wife. We want to raise kids with manners and still have a strong family, so I am always trying ideas to help make things easier on me (cleaning tips, organization, meal planning, crafts, etc.) I thought I would share them with everyone out there. So, please comment with your ideas, or if you have tried one posted on here (Did you like it?) I am always open to suggestions. I am also looking for money savers. It's my new passion now that there is only 1 income.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bow Mania

Well we have been super busy here! Phew! Each year we do a big yard sale and this year's is a little more involved. I am also going to have a table of my bows and things. And of course I'm not just selling them on the 26th, but 2 days later I will have a booth at the local flea market selling bows there as well.

So with cleaning out closets and making bows, my time is tight. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the hubby as a broken ankle so I'm not only taking care of the kiddos (by myself) but also trying to take care of E so he isn't putting weight on his leg.

Anyways, here are my newest bows. You can see all of my bows or place a custom order at The Cloverpatch Bowtique

I have also started bow boards. I was sick of finding bows all over the house, so this is easy to clip them on and see which one you want to wear...

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